Monthly Archives: November 2012

Democratic Deficit: Cities, Taxes, and Citizenship

I am a citizen of Victoria, a resident of Montreal, a citizen of British Columbia, a resident of Quebec, a Canadian, and a French Canadian. My home is in Victoria, I live in Montreal, I am a member of a family, a band, a species, and two libraries. Victoria is my home, but I don’t […]

Under-appreciated: George Harrison’s Cloud Nine

When I was thirteen, my friends and I used to go to a little used books and records store called Oak Bay Books and More. Blessed as we were with turntables despite it being 2003, we loved browsing, recognizing, and buying records. I loaded up on some shitty AC/DC and Black Sabbath, but those naive […]

Some Quick Thoughts on Montreal’s new Metro Map

I just saw Chris Erb’s post over on the Spacing Montreal blog about the STM’s new metro map. I don’t have too much to add (since he included the link the the Super Mario Bros. 3 version of the map), but let me offer a couple thoughts. There’s certainly not too much to complain about […]

Librairie Drawn and Quarterly 5th Anniversary Panel

For the record, I am now living in Montreal. A combination of the relocation and associated adjustments and general lack of writing inspiration have left this space blank for some time now. Tonight I attended the fifth anniversary of Drawn and Quarterly’s storefront in Montreal. The event was held at the Ukrainian Federation on Hutchison […]