Monthly Archives: June 2012

My Favourite Diagonal Diverter

It’s a little piece of traffic architecture I’ve seen dozens of times, but never really stopped to appreciate. Your own opinion of it may vary depending on whether you walk, bike, or drive, perhaps even more so if you live in the neighbourhood. I’m talking about the lovely curved garden at what would otherwise be […]

Dreams of Anacortes

The other night I saw Mount Eerie (and Motorbikes and Hungry Cloud Darkening) at the Ratshack. Aside from being one of the most awkward shows I’ve ever been to, I really enjoyed it and have been trying to process it for the last couple days. I’ve been a fan of The Microphones for a year […]

Listening to the Polaris Longlist: Shooting Guns

The manifesto can wait, best to just start writing. Every year when the Polaris nominations are revealed, I resolve to listen to every album on the list. Besides the good feeling of being invested in a competition by knowing all the participants, there are always a few great albums that I would never have heard […]