I am a citizen of Victoria, a resident of Montreal, a citizen of British Columbia, a resident of Quebec, a Canadian, and a French Canadian. My home is in Victoria, I live in Montreal, I am a member of a family, a band, a species, and two libraries. Victoria is my home, but I don’t […]

When I was thirteen, my friends and I used to go to a little used books and records store called Oak Bay Books and More. Blessed as we were with turntables despite it being 2003, we loved browsing, recognizing, and buying records. I loaded up on some shitty AC/DC and Black Sabbath, but those naive […]

I just saw Chris Erb’s post over on the Spacing Montreal blog about the STM’s new metro map. I don’t have too much to add (since he included the link the the Super Mario Bros. 3 version of the map), but let me offer a couple thoughts. There’s certainly not too much to complain about […]

For the record, I am now living in Montreal. A combination of the relocation and associated adjustments and general lack of writing inspiration have left this space blank for some time now. Tonight I attended the fifth anniversary of Drawn and Quarterly’s storefront in Montreal. The event was held at the Ukrainian Federation on Hutchison […]

In the last week or so, I’ve come across so many excellent new albums. It’s that incredible combination of new summer jams and the half-year reviews that just pile up into an inscrutably excellent June tune-topia, and I’m going to tell you all about it! For starters, another Polaris review (though admittedly one I would be […]

It’s a little piece of traffic architecture I’ve seen dozens of times, but never really stopped to appreciate. Your own opinion of it may vary depending on whether you walk, bike, or drive, perhaps even more so if you live in the neighbourhood. I’m talking about the lovely curved garden at what would otherwise be […]

The other night I saw Mount Eerie (and Motorbikes and Hungry Cloud Darkening) at the Ratshack. Aside from being one of the most awkward shows I’ve ever been to, I really enjoyed it and have been trying to process it for the last couple days. I’ve been a fan of The Microphones for a year […]